Arcade Links

The Internet proves to be an invaluable resource for arcade-game collectors. There is typically information available for any kind of problem you may be encounter when working on a game.

Several sites also offer replacement parts and reproduction artwork to get that classic game looking and running like new.

Arcade Renovations
Arcade Renovations has a large inventory of arcade-related parts, primarily focusing on high-quality artwork reproductions. They tend to be the place to go for laser-disc game related artwork and parts.
Arcadeshop Amusements
Arcadeshop Amusements has a large inventory of arcade-related parts.
Francis is a fellow collector who has an incredible collection consisting of rare vectors along with several home use only games. In addition to collecting games, he also services boards and sells parts.
Brian's Classic Arcade
Brian is a fellow collector with a great site. It includes excellent tutorials on restoring games, photos of his restoration projects, and photos of his very nice arcade collection.
Dragon's Lair Project
A great resource for everything laser-disc related. The site contains an excellent tech center that provides manuals, schematics, and hacks for each of the laser-disc games that were produced. It also has a good forum with an active group of participants.
Ground Kontrol
A local-retro arcade. They have a huge collection of the classics in a great environment. They also have a decent collection of the classic consoles, including the VCS (2600), Vectrex, etc.
Killer List of Videogames
A huge database that attempts to capture all of the arcade video games ever created. They also have a good forum with an active group of participants that are very capable of answering any arcade repair and restoration question.
Phoenix Arcade
Phoenix Arcade focuses on high quality artwork reproductions for classic arcade games.
RetroGaming Radio
Shane Monroe hosts this Internet-based radio program that focuses on retro-gaming. Shane does a great job of covering the classic games, interviewing people that were involved in the creation of games, and presenting all-news that is classing gaming related.
The Real Bob Roberts
Bob Robert's is the go to guy for any arcade-related part. He has an great site that contains a huge inventory. He also provides an excellent collection of arcade-related tutorials.
Twitch Asylum
A twice monthly podcast with a humorous slant on both modern and retro video game topics. I am also a bit biased (alright, maybe a little more than a bit) as I am one of the hosts.