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I remember playing Battlezone quite a bit as a kid at the local quickie mart that was located on 182nd and Division in Portland (I can't recall the exact name). I distinctly remember that it was a cabaret version with wood-panel siding.

Battlezone was really the first game I remember playing that had a truly three-dimensional perspective. I also liked its unique control scheme and vector-based graphics (I am sure I had no clue what that meant back then). The graphical presentation separated it from the majority of other games at the time. Since then, I have read quite a bit about Battlezone, its roots, and the fact that a military version created.

So, when I read on an arcade collecting newsgroup that someone was looking to trade one, I jumped on it. I obtained my Battlezone via a trade with Adam Dare, a collector in Seattle who has a very impressive collection. He had two Battlezones, and was interested in my Pole Position. While I really liked the Pole Position, I couldn't resist getting a Battlezone and increasing the number of vectors in my collection. So, I decided to part with the Pole Position and some cash for it.

The machine was in working condition. The only issue that existed (and still exists to this day) is that the monitor fluctuates a tiny bit in size while playing. This fluctuation isn't that noticeable, but it is definitely something that I need to fix. Also, the floor mat portion on the foot stool is pretty worn. I have read that you can buy after-market ones, so I may add one of those at some point.

Repair Log
Nothing yet.

The game came in working condition, a rarity it seems for games that I acquire. However, I plan to perform the following repairs:

  • Replace the covering on the foot stool
  • Install a cap kit
  • Consider replacing the HV diode
  • Put some feet on the cabinet

Game Information
Year: 1980


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