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Space Invaders Deluxe
Space Invaders is truly the machine that got me into gaming. One night I was having dinner with my parents at a Cattle Company restaurant and while we were in the waiting room, I noticed a table glowing. It turns out the table was a cocktail version of Space Invaders. From the moment I put my first quarter into that game I was hooked. Shooting aliens in a virtual world was a completely new and exciting experience.

When a saw a non-working Space Invaders Deluxe on eBay in Seattle at a reasonable price I jumped on it. The game would start to display the attract sequence and then lock up. After doing all of the simple repairs (cleaning chips, etc.), I decided to send it to Elektron Forge for repair. They had it up and running within a week and I was playing Space Invaders once again.

While the game play of Space Invaders had definitely aged when compared to similar shooters (Galaxian, Galaga, etc.), every time I play it I am reminded of my first gaming experience.

Repair Log
To date, I have performed the following repairs on this game:

I hope to perform the following repairs:

  • Restore the control panel (new overlay, etc.)

Game Information
Year: 1980


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