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Bionic Commando
Most of the games in my collection have some level of nostalgic value to me. Bionic Commando isn't one of them. I purchased Bionic Commando because it was going for a very low price on eBay. It was listed as simply needing a cap kit to repair it (yeah right, see repair log below). So, I decided to take a chance and purchase it.

This game, like many others, suffers from being stereotyped as "just another JAMMA game". However, I found the game to be very fun to play and fairly challenging. Bionic Commando is probably best known for its NES version, which is completely different than the arcade game.

I ultimately decided to sell this game to make room for another classic.

Repair Log
Once I got this game home, and fired it up, the monitor appeared totally washed out. Everything I read online pointed to the need for a new flyback. So, I went ahead and did the following repairs:
  • Installed a new cap kit
  • Replaced the flyback
The monitor still appeared completely washed out after making these repairs. The problem may be the tube itself, or it may simply need to be rejuvenated. Hopefully I will be able to get it up and running someday. But, since I wanted to sell this game, I replaced the monitor with a Wells Gardner K4600 that I had lying around.

Game Information
Year: 1987


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